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Lead Pastor

Justin Fure, Lead Pastor

Justin and Allison Fure Thrive Church

Justin grew up in Hermantown, MN as a pastor's kid. As a high school senior, he had his own career plans until God told him "You can do your plan, but I have better plans for you". After adjusting to the Lord's plans, he graduated from North Central University in MN with a degree in Pastoral Studies and immediately started serving the Lord as a full-time pastor on staff at a rural church. Years later, the Lord called him to pursue starting a new church in Pelican Rapids, MN after many years of people praying over a new church to be started in Pelican Rapids.

Fure family

After years of the prayers of pastors and other Chrisitans over Pelican Rapids for a new church to start, it took only 6 months for God to call Justin and Allison Fure, along with Elta (7) and Solvay (3) to start a church in Pelican Rapids, MN.  Being Bible college sweethearts, Justin and Allison got married in 2011. Allison loves working in the mental health field as a Mental Health Case Manager. They have two kids and love to be a Church that kids love going to every week. 

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